Popup Parcel Post


Parcel Post is a personal mailbox protected with key-lock for delivery and receipt of parcels (food and/or other items) ordered via courier service. The elevator inside Parcel Post stores parcels safely in an underground capsule, where the temperature underground remains stable.

Why prefer Parcel Post?

Remote-controlled – you do not have to be present to receive or deliver the package – the courier can deal with it.

Contactless – Parcel Post keylock solution allows receipt and delivery of parcels in a contactless manner at the time and manner that suits you the best.

Secure – Goods inserted in Parcel Post are stored in an underground zone, which is protected from extreme weather conditions and unwanted visitors. Parcels are inserted and retrieved by using one-time code or primary user’s code generated by the owner. 

Capacious – Parcel Post has maximum capacity of 250 litres and can be used for storing goods with total weight up to 125 kg (e.g.: 8 full paper shopping bags or 4 crates of beer or 2 parcels with dimensions 44 x 64 x 35 cm, etc.).

Above ground section:140 cm
Underground section:100 x 100 x 115 cm (width x length x depth)
Standard colours:stainless steel
Storage room:65 x 45 x 76 cm (witdh x depth x height)
Capacity:220 litres
Max permitted weight:75 kg of goods
Conditions of use:all year round -20C...+30C
Requirements for installation:220V (1.7A)
Bruto weight: 450 kg (including underground capsule)
Set includes:water-proof underground capsule, underground lifting solution, control panel, 1 x keylock, 1 x storage room 65 x 45 x 76 cm, roof module with regular mail-box (A4), RGB LED-lights inside storage room, operating manual
Extra price:special requests and solutions

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