Popup Beerlift


Popup beerlift is a personal outdoor or indoor minibar for cooling down beer or wine in underground capsule. The elevator moving up and down stores the goods safely in an underground capsule. For retrieving the goods, the elevator will bring the storage compartment along with the goods it contains to the convenient height above the ground. It is possible to store various drinks in a smaller yard, terrace or in favorite place without wasting any space above the ground. The roof of the beerlift can covered with plants or blend in with the surrounding landscape (grass, terrace, stone etc.).



Above ground section:
90 cm
Underground section (Us):
110 cm
Diameter of the Us section:
26 cm
Standard colours:
Stainless steel
Number of shelves:
50 litres (15 bottles)
Max weight of goods:
25 kg
Conditions of use:
all year round -20C ... +30C
Requirements for installation:
220V (4.5 A)
Set includes:
water-proof underground capsule, underground lifting system, control panel, 2 x remote control, 1 x moving console with shelves and roof, RGB LED-lights, operating manual
Extra price:
special requests and solutions

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