The mission of the PopUp Cellars team consists in developing and building popup solutions for underground cellars and storage rooms. In product development, we pay great attention to the ease of use, simplicity and high quality. For us, it is important that our product has not only practical value but also creates positive emotions.

The products of PopUp Cellars are mostly created based on the needs and wishes of our clients. Personal approach is crucial to us and we do our best to meet every special request. If you cannot find the perfect solution from our product selection, we will adjust existing solution according to your preferences. We are eager to listen to your requests and will do our best to ensure your satisfaction with our products.

You can examine our constantly expanding product selection on our website. You are also welcome to join us in youtube or facebook. 

We hope you will enjoy your experience with PopUp Cellars!

Why prefer popup cellars?

Unlimited possibilities – based on the type and size of chosen storage compartment (wine cellar, beer cellar, cellar for storing preserves, combo cellar, summer kitchen, security vault, small garage, etc.), it is possible to store various goods in a smaller yard without wasting any space above the ground.

Usable all year round – the goods placed in a popup cellar are stored in an underground zone, where temperature remains stable throughout the year, and foodstuffs can be preserved for a long time regardless of the season. 

Impressive – a cellar, a minibar, or a security vault, ornamented with illuminated solid wood furniture and rising from the ground, is an impressive sight for everyone present. Various interior designs and roofing materials allow creating individual solutions. The roof can be covered with flowerbeds and plants or blend in with the surrounding landscape, thus concealing the location of the popup cellar. 

Easy to use – you do not have to descend to the cellar to retrieve the goods. Instead, after activating it by means of a remote control or your phone, the cellar will bring the goods to the ground. 

Secure storage – popup cellar ensures additional security for stored goods. Goods are placed underground and can be retrieved only by using primary user’s password or access permit. Under normal conditions, it cannot be accessed by any other means. There are various mobile applications available and Popup Cellar can also be linked to “SmartHouse” network.

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